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🌟 Exciting Opportunity: Join me on an exhilarating journey as I revolutionize the tech industry! 🚀 Hey there, I'm Barkha Herman – Founder of WiTVoices and a passionate Developer Advocate for StarTree, a leading tech company. With three decades of hands-on experience in the ever-evolving world of technology, I bring unrivaled expertise and innovation to the table. But hold on, that's not all! As a seasoned podcast host with my own show called Tech Unleashed, I love diving deep into cutting-edge trends and discussing how they shape our future. Whether it's AI-driven solutions or groundbreaking cybersecurity strategies – you name it, we cover it! Beyond speaking and writing about technology advancements in renowned publications, my true passion lies in advocating for Women in Technology (WiT). Through mentorship programs and empowering initiatives, I strive to close the gender gap within our industry. Ready to be inspired?

Quinoa and Arugula Salad

#Recipes, Published August 27, 2023
This is an amazing salad and perfect lunch recipe.  You can make it ahead of time, and add the Arugula at the very end to keep it fresh.

Baked Cheese

#Recipes, Published August 26, 2023
Excellent side or starter.  Pretty, easy to make and delicious!

Asian Coleslaw

#Recipes, Published August 26, 2023
This is a variation on the American coleslaw.  It is lighter, spicier keeps just as well and is just as easy to make.

Mason Jar Salad - Black bean and Spring Greens

#Recipes, Published August 26, 2023
An easy way to prepare packed lunches, these salads will change your life!

Baking Tray dinners

#Recipes, Published August 26, 2023
Another quick meal recipe for a healthy and easy vegan meal. Here's what the end result looks like after the bake.

Cowboy Caviar

#Recipes, Published August 26, 2023
This quick starter is healthy, easy to make, and a favorite of everyone who tries it.

Coconut Whipped Cream

#Recipes, Published August 26, 2023
This is a light and delicious alternative to the "normal" whipped cream.

Paleo Breakfast Bar

#Recipes, Published August 22, 2023
This is an easy recipe that can be made with several variations to keep it interesting.

Easy Corn Bread

#Recipes, Published August 22, 2023
One of my favorite brands is Bob's Red Mills.  They have been around for a long time, and consistently produce quality products.  This cornbread recipe is right off their packaging.

Curried Lentil Soup

#Recipes, Published August 22, 2023
This is another relatively quick recipe and makes a hearty fall and winter option.  It is great with bread, rice or other grains, or as I like it - on its own.

Quinoa Vegetable Stew

#Recipes, Published August 22, 2023
This is a recipe inspired by my Bolivian friend.  Quinoa and potatoes are native to the Andes, and tomatoes and chilies are native to nearby central Americas.

Cashew nut Loaf

#Recipes, Published August 22, 2023
This is the main course I make for every Thanksgiving and Christmas.  And it's always the first to disappear.  It is delicious, easy to make and a crowd-pleaser.